Kristi Anderson, PT


Hi, I’m Kristi, owner and sole physiotherapist at Harmony Physical Therapy.  I believe an important  aspect of a healthy happy life is staying active my practice is about  helping people keep moving without pain.

Harmony Physical Therapy evolved from a specialty practice for people with chronic pain and complicated injuries: auto accident survivors who had been thrown through the windshield or tossed around in their car as it rolled down a mountainside; victims of bike crashes, rock climbing falls, slips on the ice and other accidents both simple and incredible. This experience has led to a holistic approach to treating injuries. Damage to one part of the body can have far reaching effects on the rest of the body.

The tools of my practice are my hands, acupuncture needles, and time. Drawing from my extensive training in a variety of hands-on techniques, I work to restore mobility and balance in your body. I find dry needling to be effective for enhancing the healing process and restoring balance in the body. One hundred percent of your time in my office will be working together with me toward ridding yourself of your pain.

My practice is intentionally out-of-network for all insurance companies allowing me to offer extended treatment sessions and to provide maintenance treatment as needed to keep you active and pain free. I design home programs to help you stay mobile and balanced so appointments with me are few and spaced at least a week apart.

I am a mother of three children who were born and raised in the Boulder area. One attends Niwot High School, and the other two are attending colleges in Colorado. I love to run and hike in the mountains and travel around the world. My travel destinations are balanced between adventure in the wild and immersion in the city cultures.  You can read about my travel adventures at

Staying active for the duration of my life is my personal philosophy. It would be my privilege to help you do the same.